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Bonitace - what is?:

In the Czech Republic before a pedigreed chihuahua can be bred with it must pass what is called a bonitace. So what is a bonitace? It is strict examination of the dogs temperament and a complete detailed examination of its exterior by an authorised committee. If you have ever seen a pedigree from the Czech Republic you will have surely noticed a long number code under every dogs name. It starts with a letter from A-G and then follows a long line of 11 digits. for example A 19 00000 000000. The letters represent overall appearance of the animal with A being the best score. Then it is usually followed by the height of the animal in cm, followed by a detailed description of the head, ears, eyes, nose, stop, bite, dentition, front quarters, body, hind quarters, tail and tail set, and coat. All of which are scored from 0-6 , only the coats is scored 0-2. The best score for each catagorie is 0, and so an animal with a code like the one above is of exellent quality. Bonitace testing has been cancelled in the country since October 2007 and instead of the code all animals only have approval or disapproval written into their pedigrees from a bonitace committee, with a description of qualities or the lack.

classification in practice:

Jessie Kilov oko - classification A 20 00000  20 0110

General appearance:
compact body with apple head. Highbred appearance.
B  softly in body, highbred appearance stays.
C  coarse in body, highbred appearance stays.
D  weak body, atypic
E  absent canine or more than 2 incisives
F  aggressive or overly shy
G  weight over 3 kg
Height in cm.
Head - skull
0  apple head, well rounded
1  flatly head
2  too soft
3  piriform
4  narrow head
5  larger fontanel
6  too large fontanel or atypic skull
Head - ears
0  upright ears
1  settings close together or far
2  big ear
3  small ear
4  soft ears
5  pointed ears
6  drop ears or short ear
Hlava - eyes
0  large, roundish, expressive
1  too large, bulging
2  eyes far between
3  eyes close together
4  small
5  almond
6  atypic
Head - muzzle
0  standard
1  shorter muzzle
2  wide muzzle
3  longer muzzle
4  too long muzzle
5  too long and too wide muzzle
6  atypic muzzle
Hlava - stop (freeze)
0  good marked
1  too marked
2  less marked
3  shallow
4  too shallow stop
5  defect
6  atypic
0  scissor bite
   as of 01.01.2006 - scissor or pincer bite
1  irregular scissor bite
2  pincer bite
   as of 01.01.2006 - open scissor
3  irregular pincer bite
4  close undershot
5  close overshot
6  heavy defect
0  all incisivi and canini (I a C)
1  missing 1 incisivi (1x I - incisivi)
2  missing 2 incisivi (2x I - incisivi)
3  missing 1 canini (1x C - canini)
4  missing 3 and more incisivi (3x I - incisivi and more)
Limbs - Forequarters
0  straight
1  light angular
2  open elbow
3  frailer straight or short limbs
   as of 01.01.2006 - frailer straight or short limbs, wrong angulation
4  converging stand
5  divergent stand
6  heavy defect
0  topline level, broad and deep chest
1  longer body
2  shorter body
3  narrow chest or flat
4  sloping back or long body
   od 01.01.2006 - sloping back or long body, soft back, converted back
5  roach or hollow back (Lordosis or Kyphosis)
6  extremely long body
Limb - Hindquarters
0  correct stand
1  narrow or wide stand
2  cow stand
   as of 01.01.2006 - cow stand, barrel shaped
3  sheer stand
   as of 01.01.2006 - sheer angulation, convergent
4  open knees
5  Patella luxation
6  heart defect, heavy Patella luxation
0  correct, set on hight, broad at root
   as of 01.01.2006 - correct, set on hight, broad at root - flat
1  correct, wrong attached
2  rounded tail
3  short tail
4  twisted tail
5  wrong setting
6  missing tail

Coat - add as of 01.01.1995
0  standard coat
1  a less standard coat
2  uncorrect (longhair: very long, fine and billowing coat; smooth-hair: bald patch alopecia)

Jessie code:
•  compact body with apple head. Highbred appearance.
•  in head without defects
•  pincer bite with all incisive and canine
•  stright forequarters, longer body and narrow or wide stand (hindquarters)
•  tail correct, set on hight, broad at root

Jessie Kilov oko
photo: Jessie Kilov oko
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