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Chihuahua longhair 
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Belgian shepherdog

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KŘIŠŤÁLOVÉ OKO - longhair chihuahua


•  New puppies:

• Litter "O", born 05.04.2022
3x male, 3x female

O Křišťálové oko

Chuan Křišťálové oko

Hall of Fame (our chihuahua and their offsprings):

Chuan Křišťálové oko:
Livaj Křištálové oko: Very promising 1, CAJC, BOJ (longhair chihuahua)
Liseta Křištálové oko: Very promising 1, CWC, 2x Res.CAC, 2x CAC, CAC ČMKU, Res.CACIB, National winner (longhair chihuahua)
Maximo Křištálové oko: Champion SK, Champion HU, Very promising 1, Best puppy, CAJC, 12x CAC, 4x Res.CACIB, 8x Res.CAC, 3x Res.CACA, 2x CACA, Karawanken Winner 2014, BOS (longhair chihuahua)
Moneta Křištálové oko: Very promising 1, Best of youth, CAJC, CAC, Res.CACIB (longhair chihuahua)
Pabsi Křištálové oko: Very promising 2, Winner of young class, 4x CAC, CAC ČMKU, Res.CAC, National winner (longhair chihuahua)
Versica Křištálové oko: Very promising 2 (longhair chihuahua)
Valesta Křištálové oko: Very promising 1 (longhair chihuahua)

Cipísek Labské tůně:
Slede Domácí štěstí: InterChampion, Junior Champion, MultiChampion, Ch.CZ, SK and Poland, Club Champion, 8x CACIB, 3x BOB, 2x National winner (longhair chihuahua)
Rubie Domácí štěstí: MultiChampion, Ch.CZ, SK, Poland, Club Champion, 3x CACIB, BOB, 2x National winner, 2x Res.CACIB (longhair chihuahua)
Mona Křišťálové oko: 2x CAC, 1x Res.CACIB (longhair chihuahua)
Nica Křištálové oko: 2x CAC, 1x Res.CACIB (longhair chihuahua)
Urtez Křišťálové oko: 2x Res.CAC, 2x CAC, Res.CACIB, CACIB, BOB (longhair chihuahua)
Uxa Křišťálové oko:Res.CAC (longhair chihuahua)
Usi Křišťálové oko: Champion SK, Club Champion CZ, 3x Res.CAC, 4x CAC SK, CAC, CACIB, NSwR (BOS), Res.CACIB (longhair chihuahua)
Yizi Křišťálové oko: Very promising 1, CAJC (longhair chihuahua)
York Křišťálové oko: CAC (longhair chihuahua)
Hessie Domácí štěstí(granddaughter): CAC, CACIB, BOB, Club Champion CZ, Champion PL, InterChampion (longhair chihuahua)
Endy Domácí štěstí(grandson): JuniorChampion CZ (longhair chihuahua)
Erny Domácí štěstí(grandson): JuniorChampion PL (longhair chihuahua)
Federico z Jizerského atria(grandson): Champion Danmark (longhair chihuahua)
Lumpík z Petlendu(grandson): JuniorChampion CZ (longhair chihuahua)

Thank you for visit and nice whiles spent with czech longhair chihuahua.... :-)

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